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113 Tonga Hut's 60th Anniversary

For this episode we recorded LIVE from the Tonga Hut's 60th Anniversary Party! To listen, click here:

In 1958 a little bar in North Hollywood opened on Victory Blvd named "Tonga Hut." Back then, a gallon of gas was a quarter, the average cost of a new house was $12,000, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of the United States and The Beatles hadn't even formed yet. Since the Tonga Hut has been open, the Berlin Wall was raised (and demolished), Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, television went from black and white to color to high-definition digital, reggae was born, disco was born, hip-hop was born, new wave was born, grunge was born and the United States has had 11 different presidents. And all that time, the Tonga Hut had it's doors open, welcoming visitors from near and close, far and wide. On this episode we chat with drunken revelers, fans and supporters from the Tonga Hut's back lot as we fondly celebrate 60 years of Tonga Hut good-ness! To listen to previous episodes, click here:

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