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128 Iakopo

Updated: May 23, 2019

On this episode we chat with international recording artist, Iakopo! To listen, click here:

Iakopo is a culturally wise, island reggae artist that's lived all over the world! He was born in Orange County, California and after a difficult childhood, was eventually adopted and raised by a local Samoan family on the South Pacific island of Upolu Samoa, where he lived an island lifestyle in a small village with no refrigerators, no beds, no TVs, or modern amenities where villagers all survived on fishing and farming and family disputes were solved by the "Fa'amatai" system, comprised of benevolent and wise village chiefs. Today we chat with Iakopo about his unique, global upbringing, how this started and affected his music, his creative influences and his perspective on the world and what the future holds for his music! Check out Iakopo's music and videos here: Follow his social media (FB, IG, Twitter): @iakopomusic To listen to previous episodes, click here:

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