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163 The Covid Chronicles - Ross "Tiki Boss" Aliotti

On this episode we chat with Ross the "Tiki Boss" Aliotti. To listen, click here:

Ross the "Tiki Boss" Aliotti recently returned from a visit to the Hawaiian Islands. While most of our lives were normal as he boarded the plane, things quickly turned south right after he left for the islands and when his vacation was over he returned to a very different world. We chat about quickly things changed on the mainland during his short time away and what his island experience was like as the Covid-19 pandemic became more serious during his trip! As always, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did bringing it to you! If you enjoy this podcast, please consider helping us with your support during this challenging time. Click on "Shop" in the menu above to check out our merch or leave us a tip. Any purchase or donation, no matter the size, is totally appreciated and helps keep this show on the air! To access our archive, click here:

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