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164 The Covid Chronicles - Kari Hendler & Medusirena Marina

On this episode we chat with Kari Hendler and Medusirena Marina! To listen, click here:

On our third installment of the Covid Chronicles we chat with Kari Hendler along with Marina the fire eating mermaid! This episode was recorded exactly one week ago today and it's amazing how much things have changed since then. Between then and now, beaches in both California and Florida have since been closed and some of our favorite tiki centric events have since been rescheduled. We have a fun and spirited chat about what's happening on both coasts and what we've challenged ourselves with our new found time during this quarantine! To listen to our archive, click here: As always, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did bringing it to you. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider helping us with your support during this challenging time. Stop by to check out our merch or leave us a tip. Any purchase or donation, no matter the size, is totally appreciated and helps keep this show on the air!

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