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167 The Covid Chronicles - Keir Whitcher

On this episode we chat with Keir Whitcher! To listen, click here:

On this episode of the Covid Chronicles we chat with mid-century, tiki and classic car enthusiast Keir Whitcher! Keir hails from the land down under, just outside of Melbourne, Australia. We talk about how the corona virus has found it's way to his part of the world and how they're doing their part to flatten the curve and even explore a little bit about what the tiki scene is like in his part of Australia! As always, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did bringing it to you. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider helping us with your support during this challenging time. Stop by to check out our merch or leave us a tip. Any purchase or donation, no matter the size, is totally appreciated and helps keep this show on the air! To listen to our archive, click here:

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