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175 Tiki Diablo

On this episode we chat with Danny Gallardo aka Tiki Diablo! To listen, click here:

On this episode we chat with artist, carver and builder Danny Gallardo aka Tiki Diablo! Tiki Diablo is a world reknown tiki carver, mug maker and thematic builder having created some of the most iconic collectibles and tiki themed spaces of the modern era. If you're a tiki enthusiast, odds are you've got one or more of his tiki mugs in your collection or you've visited a bar he's built! I've known Danny for about 2 decades and so, on this episode we chat about the early days of tiki when we first met, what and who inspires his work, his thoughts on the current state of tiki and learn a little bit more about his background and origin story!

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Social Media: @tikidiablo

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