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189 Mike Buhen Jr and Greg Bansuelo

Today we are joined by the boys from the Tiki-Ti! Bartender and co-owner Mike Buhen Jr and bartender Greg Bansuelo stop by the Desert Oasis Room to mix drinks, make cocktail videos and record this episode of the podcast. As a long time patron and regular of the Tiki-Ti, I hit the guys with questions that most others have never asked before to bring you uncommonly known facts and tidbits from their colorful backgrounds. For example, did you know that Ray Buhen's wife is the reason the Tiki-Ti opened in the first place? She is also the reason they stopped serving beer decades ago! And did you know that Greg's father was one of the old school Filipino mixologists that worked alongside Ray at all the same iconic tiki and tropical themed bars like The Luau, The China Trader, The Seven Seas and more!

Watch the cocktail tutorials we made with Mike and Greg at our YouTube channel. We'll be loading them up one at a time over the next couple of weeks. Subscribe to the channel now so you don't miss any of them!

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