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202 Ed Hamilton

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

On this episode we chat with Ed Hamilton! To listen, click here:

Today we are joined by Ed Hamilton! Ed is an author, importer and world reknowned authority on the spirit of rum. He's also the founder of the Ministry of Rum and the Hamilton brand of fine rums, made in distilleries all over the Caribbean. Learn about how he went from being a mechanical engineer making actuators for airplanes to becoming one of the world's foremost experts on island spirits, his collaboration with Jeff Berry, the Florida Rum Society and more! This episodes starts with Ed's symposium from this months Orange County USBG Tiki Night at Tiki Farm and from there we transition to a personal one-on-one where Ed gives us a deep dive on rum, his thoughts on the future of rum and what's in store for his Hamilton brand of products in 2022!

Follow Ed Hamilton on Instagram at @edrumguy

Learn about his products at:

Ed Hamilton's Ti Punch

The juice of 1 cut lime edge (not wedge)

1/4 bar spoon syrup Petite Canne Martinique Sugar Cane Syrup

1.5 oz 100 Proof Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc

Lightly swizzle with ice To follow our adventures, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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