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205 Donn of Tiki & Frogtown Brewery

On this episode we chat with Alex Lamb and Gustavo Rojas! To listen, click here:

Today we chat with our friends Alex Lamb and Gustavo Rojas! You might know Alex as co-director of the upcoming documentary film, "The Donn of Tiki," a biographical story of the life of Donn Beach aka Don the Beachcomber. And joining us is our friend Gustavo, partner of our favorite brewery in LA, Frogtown Brewery! On this episode we chat about the origins of Frogtown Brewery, our recent Don the Beachcomber inspired beer collaboration, how we approached and made the beer and what's in store for the big release event when it's debuted to the beer & tiki community, including information on our tie-in with the Oceanic Arts farewell events!

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