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81 Tiki Cat 1-Year Anniversary

Today we chat with Mark Sellers, owner and founder of Tiki Cat in Kansas City, Missouri. To listen, click here:

And on this episode we are joined by a trio of all-stars including Bamboo Ben, builder of this beautiful bar and lounge as well as Doug Horne and Crazy Al, designers of 2 new tiki mugs, Devo Cat and Witco Cat, which debuted for the 1 year anniversary party for which all of us were in town celebrating. We talk about the motivation behind why Tiki Cat was started and what's in store for the future. And if YOU would like to be involved or even invest in Mark's next project, what he is billing as a "Modern Day Mai Kai," well, there's an opportunity waiting just for you. Here's our recording with Mark, Ben, Doug and Al, recorded on location from Tiki Cat!

To listen to previous episodes, click here:

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