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"Tiki Art & Polynesian Pop in American Culture" from San Diego Comic Con 2019

To listen, click here:

On this episode we podcast live from San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and bring to you the "Tiki Art & Polynesian Pop in American Culture" panel, moderated by James Wasser. I was privileged to not only document but also participate in this panel along with other luminaries in the current tiki movement, including artists Josh "Shag" Agle, Bosko Hrnjak, Tom "Big Toe" Laura, Suzy "AtomiKitty" Mosher, Devon Devereaux, author Martin S. Lindsay and mug makers Brandon Giraldez & Holden Westland. We chat about each panelists respective contributions, observations and personal perspectives in the modern day tiki movement from the largest Comic, Art and Pop Culture convention in the world, the San Diego Comic-Con!

Check out each panelists social media and website here:

Josh "Shag" Agle - @theartistshag

Bosko Hrnjak - @tikibosko

Tom "Big Toe" Laura - @bigtoeart

Suzy "Atomic Kitty" Mosher - @atomikittysuzy

Devon Devereaux - @devondevereaux

Martin S. Lindsay - @beggarstaff

Brandon Giraldez - @beelinecreative

Holden Westland - @tikifarm

Adrian Eustaquio - @polynesianpop

James Wasser (Moderator) - @tikijames

To listen to previous episodes, click here:

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