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Inside the Desert Oasis Room

Podcasting Tiki, Cocktails, Exotica, Hawaiiana, Lowbrow, Surf & More!


The "Inside the Desert Oasis Room" podcast eavesdrops on stimulating and entertaining conversations with various artists, mixologists, collectors, historians, enthusiasts and more while they enjoy a round (or two) of tropical cocktails and usually takes place in The Desert Oasis Room, the Polynesian inspired hideaway of Adrian Eustaquio. On occassion, the podcast makes a "field trip" to record in other equally themed home spaces or at live events.



Our Marquee Marq tiki mug is modeled after a classic Marquesan design, measuring about 8.25" tall. Each mug is individually hand made and hand glazed by a local artisan and hand tattooed and fired by me, making each one completely unique in and of itself!

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