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Help us keep this show on the air!

Although this podcast is a Passion Project, it does not come without recurring expenses and overhead. The podcast is provided free however, the podcast is always in need of funding and it does not survive without the help of our listeners, sponsors and donations. If you would like to help, please click on the "Donate Now" button below. Every donation, no matter the size, helps keep this podcast coming to you every week!

Since it's inception, this podcast has spoken directly with historians, artists, entertainers, business owners and more. The podcast has acted as a historical repository by documenting their stories and experiences, many never recorded or archived anywhere before. Some of these stories and conversations, loaded with historical information, would have eventually been lost to time had they not been recorded for posterity in their respective episodes. 

HELP US continue to document the history and stories of the Tiki, Cocktail, Exotica, Retro, Lowbrow, Surf Music cultures by keeping these interviews and stories coming!


A small example of the distinguished guests who have provided valuable and historical commentary to previous episodes:

Jeff "Beachbum" Berry

Author, Grog Log, Intoxica
Owner, Latitude 29

Charles Phoenix

Author, Addicted to Americana
Southern California in the '50s

Leroy Schmaltz and
Bob Van Oosting

Owners, Oceanic Arts

Jochen Hirschfeld

Filmmaker, Photographer
Producer/Director DVD of Tiki

Sven Kirsten

Author, Book of Tiki, Tiki Pop
Tiki Modern, Art of Tiki

Tim "Swanky" Glazner

Author, Mai Kai: History and
Mystery of the Iconic Rest.

Mike Buhen Sr & Jr

Owners, Tiki-Ti

Bosko Hrnjak

Artist, Urban Archaeologist
Historian, Revivalist

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