About Your Host

Adrian Eustaquio is a long time Tiki enthusiast, active member in the Tiki community and avid supporter of the current Tiki revival, considered as one of the major influencers of the Tiki scene. He began collecting Tiki, Hawaiian and South Pacific ephemera almost 3 decades ago and has been studying and continues to study the mainland Tiki movement and it's relation to American pop culture and cocktail culture, both currently and historically.

Adrian runs and administers the Home Tiki Bar Builds and Inside the Desert Oasis Room group pages on Facebook in addition to hosting, managing and producing the "Inside the Desert Oasis Room" podcast and vlog from his home tiki space of the same name, created in tribute to and in the style of the great exotic lounges of the long past Polynesian Pop era. His current island inspired art collection amounts to over 1500 mugs & sculptures and dozens of one-of-a-kind carvings from various reknown artists including a comprehensive grouping of traditional Hawaiian, Cook Islands, Marquesan, Tahitian and Papua New Guinea art.

Adrian is also a published authority on the subject, having written for or been featured in Tiki Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Hana Hou MagazineSmuggler's Cove, Exotica Moderne, Florida Today, Adventures in Tiki, Tiki with Ray, Tiki Addicts, The Home Bar Guide  to Tropical Cocktails and has been featured as well as co-hosted on such programs as Lost in Paradise, The ZenTiki Lounge, Tiki Oasis TV and Tanduay Tiki TV. He can also be seen in the documentary, Squeezed Up and is currently associated with the production of  the documentary series, A Rum Story and The Donn of Tiki participating as a Tiki and rum historian, expert and authority. Adrian has built a reputation over the past decade as a go-to person for historic and accurate consultation on Tiki and cocktail related projects or builds and has established many pivotal relationships over the course of the last 2 decades with some of the biggest and most influential names in the Tiki, cocktail, lowbrow and surf cultures.