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149 Jerry Berta and Mike Souriolle (Gecko)

On this episode we chat with Jerry Berta and Mike Souriolle (Gecko)! To listen, click here:

Today we go into Max's South Seas Hideway's private ceramics studio to chat with their in-house sculptor, artist and ceramicist, Jerry Berta to learn about their kiln to table concept in which all tiki mugs, volcano bowls, pupu platters and more are custom made in house for Max's South Seas Hideaway. Also joining us for this episode is our old friend Gecko from South Sea Arts of Hawaii for a historic event - the first pouring, molding and pressing of his Ward Warehouse tiki mugs, the first artist made house mug for Max's, the probable first proper tiki bar to ever exist in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Social Media: @rainbow.professor and @geckoz_southseaarts_ To listen to previous episodes, click here:

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