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161 Squeezed Up Throwback Thursday

On this episode we throwback to the crew of Squeezed Up! To listen, click here:

On this special Throwback Thursday edition, we revisit our session with the crew from the newly released documentary, Squeezed Up! Join us inside the Desert Oasis Room as we chat with the director, Dirk Behlau, executive producer, Stefan Immke and the rest of their crew also known as "The Wild Bunch", including Shane Bagnall, Andy Schmidt, Thorsten Leisenberg and Matze Heiden. The episode you are about to hear is the some of the same footage you'll see in the film and if you like tiki, hot rods, lowbrow art or kustom kulture, this film is a feast for your eyes! You're going to enjoy seeing many of our friends featured there including Jason Lee, the Hula Girls, McBiff Art, Tiki Tony, Michael Grider, Mimi Le Meaux, Matt "Tikiman" Willis and much, much more! This episode was recorded back in October 2018 on the podcast's 2-year anniversary during the filming of this documentary, which is available now!

Social Media: @squeezedupmovie To listen to our archive, click here:

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