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179 Bryan Azorsky and Brandon Cummins

On this episode we chat with Bryan Azorsky and Brandon Cummins! To listen, click here:

On this sponsor spotlight edition, we are joined by Bryan Azorsky, founder of Tiki Bar T-shirt Club along with Brandon Cummins from Altamar Brands, distiller and importer of fine spirits including Four Square and Probitas Rum! Today we chat about their respective brands, how the Covid pandemic has affected their lives and their local businesses (like Tiki Cat), their thoughts about the future of the hospitality industry and also dive into some other fun and lively topics including the Marvel Universe, Kansas City BBQ and more!

Watch the follow up video after listening to this episode here:

Social Media: @tiki_bar_tshirt_club and @brandon.altamar

On Youtube:

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